Downtown Community Fellowship (dcf) is a group of people honestly seeking to live out the story of God, together. We are people – real people – with warts and bruises and joys and dreams. Most of us have staked our hopes on the man-God named Jesus, believing that our life only makes sense in the context of who he is and what he is doing in our world. Some of us are uncertain about our spiritual journey, and we are just warming up to the fire, checking out the surroundings, and taking the space provided to see if this carpenter who claimed to be God might be for real.

dcf visibly entered God’s stage in 1995 when a church planter, John Reeves, connected with a small and faith-filled band of Clemson and Southern Wesleyan students. They longed to create a safe place where their friends who were distanced from the Church could connect with God and his people. Meeting in a local bar, a church was planted, and a small, fledgling movement was born.

We have since experienced many seasons. We have met in a bar, a hotel, a warehouse, and most recently a basement. We have seen seasons of erupting growth and seasons of simplification. We have seen house churches change people’s lives and seen many people baptized in Lake Hartwell. Through it all we have seen God working. We recognize our story is just one chapter in the story of God.

We believe God is moving, calling us to take risks and to redeem. To offer God’s peace to a broken, messy world. We invite you to join us, to live with us, and to see what God will do.

You can read our official creed here.

You can read our doctrinal statement here.

As dcf has grown, the following themes have emerged. These are ideals which our community strives to live and express.

Worship – a God centered life where his glory is our deepest desire

Family – a connected life, immersed in the context of deep relationships

Kingdom – a bold life, committed to joining God’s work on the earth, invading the darkness and living the story of the Gospel