We would love to have you join along in the dcf story! If you are interested in getting more involved and helping out at dcf, we would love to talk with you. In addition, if there is something you are passionate about starting and leading we would love to help you do so.If you are interested in helping with one of these areas or starting a new venture, please send fill out this form
We rely on volunteers for leading the vast majority of the things that happen at dcf. Here are some areas where you can get involved:
Sound and Tech Team
We need people working behind the scenes on Sunday morning to keep the slides running and the sound working! If you have experience with this, great – but if you are simply interested, it is something we can train you in! This is one of the biggest areas we need help with!
Children’s Ministry
Our children are an essential part of our family. We want to serve them well and provide a space for them to participate in worship. Anyone who has a heart and desire to work with children is encouraged to volunteer to spend a few Sundays throughout the year volunteering with our children’s ministry!
The band is always open to the possibility of new people to join in leading worship at the Sunday Gathering for our family. If you are musically talented and would like to get involved, there may be a spot for you!
Cleaning Crew
How does a building stay clean without hands to clean it? It doesn’t. That’s why we need people to assist with some light cleaning throughout the week! THIS is one of our biggest needs!
Coffee for the Gathering
Brew fresh coffee for our Sunday Gatherings. We could use a couple of people to rotate weeks. And people will love you, you supply the liquid gold after all!
Connections Team
We are looking for anyone who has a heart for people. If you have a heart for people, even if large crowds are not your thing, we will find a place for you to share the peace of Christ with those who come to dcf on Sunday mornings.
Website & Social Media
Do you love html? Do you love social media? Help maintain the DCF website and social media accounts. We currently run the site using WordPress and have a Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram account!
If you are interested in helping with one of these areas or starting a new venture, please fill out this form.